Yay, another giveaway!!



In honor of reaching (and now passing) 100 “likes” on Facebook, I am running another fantastic giveaway! I love my readers and I want to show it with this lovely basket of goodies from Fig Bontanicals in Somerville, NJ. The owner, Figen, has put together a basket of tea, soap, bath tea and salts, body oil, a candle and some dried jasmine flowers to relax and rejuvenate you. The giveaway will start this evening and end at the end of the day Sunday, May 4th.

So, if you like Enlightened Nourishment and relaxation, go to my Facebook page or click on the link below,for a chance to win this awesome gift from me to you!

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March Challenge Accepted!


Hello, gentle readers. I am creating a little challenge for myself for the month of March and I hope that you will join me. I would love to have some support along the way as well as spread some good motivational  juju to my readers.

So here’s the deal. This week (the last week of February) is the prep week. I will be preparing myself to take on my personal challenge in a way that will fit into my daily life and not create too much crazy. Each day this week I’ll be thinking and writing down the best and easiest ways to make this challenge really happen. Then on March first, the challenge begins.

What’s my challenge? Finding a way to schedule exercise into my day, every day. This will be a major accomplishment for me since I have never been an athletic person. I mean never, ever. Exercise has always been a side note for me, not a integral part of my life. I want to change all of that if I can, by cementing it into my schedule.

So, are you with me? It doesn’t matter what your personal challenge is. It could be drinking more water everyday, giving up coffee or as grand as starting to train for a marathon. Whatever it is, we’ll be in it together and keeping each other on track. I’ll be posting my progress here, on facebook and on Twitter. I’d love to hear how you are doing with it too!