We have a winner!



Congratulations to Michelle E! You are the winner of the New Year’s Paperback Giveaway! Thank you for following me on Twitter, re-tweeting and leaving a comment. I will get your signed copy to you A.S.A.P.

I hope you all are starting your year off with a bang and some healthy goals for the coming months. Xoxo


New Year’s Giveaway!



It’s been an amazing year for me. The highlight of which has been the publication of my first book. I am over-the-moon happy about how it has been received by parents and caregivers. The reviews have been wonderful to read, but I’d love to be able to get my paperback into more hands.

So, I’ve decided to run a little giveaway for my readers who may not yet have had the chance to pick up a copy. Enter as many times as you wish and help me to spread the word, while grabbing a free, signed copy for yourself or a friend!

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3-2-1 Launch!

Last weekend was a whirlwind! All of my dreaming and planning finally culminated into a fabulous party to celebrate the publication of my first book. With the help of two amazing women, I was able to create just the right atmosphere and gobs of yummy food for my guests. Yes, there were a couple of minor set backs (a collapsed tent for one) but in the end, it was perfection. My book sold well and I believe that everyone left happy.

Check out my reviews on Amazon.com and order your copy or e-book today!

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It’s here!



Finally, the day has come that I am able to giddily announce that my book is available on Amazon.com, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Guys, this is so exciting and scary for me. It’s been a dream of mine for most of my adult life to publish a book. I never thought that I could actually pull it together, but here it is.

‘Kids Won’t Eat Healthy? Quick Read This Book!’ is a super fast and funny read for parents that are so over meal time drama. It has the size and look of a children’s chapter book, but it’s packed with real life advice from one exhausted parent to another. If you are tired of the predictable dinner time fights with your sweet cherubs, order your paperback or download your e-book today!

Oh, so close!



In just a few short days my first book will be launched out in to the world! I started writing it two years ago while taking a relaxing (hiding from the kids) Saturday afternoon bath. The whole book came to me right then; title, chapters, even the cover image. It was as if I had no choice in the matter at all. The book needed me to write it. Other parents needed me to write it!

Thankfully, I have a truly supportive husband who happily took the kids out every weekend so that I could research, write and edit. Amazingly, I found one of the best illustrators in the north east who could capture exactly what my brain was demanding to be created. Miraculously, I have friends that are or have been professional editors who could clean up my alphabet soup.

Now it’s just about time for my sweet little book to be born. Stay tuned for my new book page and please join me on facebook for updates on it’s release!